Couchgrass Root C/S
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Couchgrass Root C/S

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Elytrigia repens

Couchgrass Root

Elytrigia repens
Cut & Sifted 1 Ounce

Common uses:  Cystitis, Catarrhal diseases of the bladder, urinary tract problems, blood purifier, diuretic, ulcers, liver problems, kidney stones, prostate inflammation, soothes inflammation of mucosal linings, coughs, constipation

Also known as:  Twitchgrass, Quickgrass, Doggrass, Dog Grass, Quackgrass, Scotch Quelch, Cutch, Durfa Grass, Witch Grass

Origin: Albania

Effects/Properties: Antimicrobial, Demulcent, Diuretic

Pharmacology: Vitamins, minerals, Mucilages, Triticin, Sugar Alcohols, Soluble Silicic acid, Volatile oil

Precautions: May lower blood sugar, monitor your blood sugar closely, prolonged use may cause low potassium levels, use with caution if pregnant or nursing

Drug Interaction Precautions:  None Known

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